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Its been about a year and a half and you might be surprised that I have been still running. Not much improvement though. stay tuned for more updates

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Its all in Your Head

Image from runnersworld.com

Image from runnersworld.com

One of the hardest thing about running is trying to decide what to focus on while on the run. This is especially hard when you begin. Every time I go on a run I find that I have to train my brain as much as I do my body.

Perhaps I have so much difficulty because we live at a time where most of us have such short attention spans. As I get older, I find myself unable to focus on the books I am reading or even at just one task. When on a run, my thoughts drift all over the place and this makes me even more exhausted.

I have tried to focus on my form, on my pace and even my body but this usually leads my brain to freak out a little. I feel as though this just calls to attention the fact that I am running and exerting my body when I would rather just take a break right there on that park bench.

When I run, I always play music because It distracts me from myself, but lately I find that I crank the volume higher and higher to drown out the million thoughts that whiz through my head.

I recently read an article from Runner’s World that gave me hope that as I become more accustomed to running, I will be able to improve my thoughts, my workouts, concentration and my mood. The article recommends these techniques to train your brain.

  • Know your Route

    image from runnersworld.com

    image from runnersworld.com

  • Carry A Talisman
  • Stay Loose
  • Use Imagery
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Stay Positive

Goodluck! Happy Running!

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Don’t Tell Me Coz it Hurts

I’ve been hitting the pavement a little too hard. Lately I feel as though I have searing coals of hot invisible lava taped to the back of my legs. As I push for better time, my calves keep slowing me down.

Calf pain is a common problem, which experts say can be solved by a good shoe. The fact that I need to buy a hundred dollar shoe to fix this problem seems remarkable to me especially since I witnessed olympic champions  race up and down the hills by my grandfather’s farm completely barefoot. With the advancement of new running technology I really wonder if all of this is necessary.



One of the fastest men alive, Eliud Kipchoge, beat Ethiopian runner Bekele in the 5,000m by training completely barefoot along those hills by my grandfather’s farm. Motivated by supporting his family, Kipchoge overcame what seemed to be the impossible and raced to become a prominent member of Kenya’s elite Athletics team.  Kipchoge isn’t the only one who hasn’t won a race barefoot… Ethiopian Abebe Bikila made history by winning marathon gold running barefoot on the streets of Rome, leaving his competitors in the dust.

With these champions on my mind I really wonder if it is all a matter of genetics and environment, being light, thin runners  or is it fierce determinism. I remember while visiting Eldoret, I occasionally saw teams of foreigners coming to Kenyan running camps to learn the secret. Maybe I should have been taking notes.


Bikila extraodinary feat in Rome

As I ice my calves and whine about the soreness, I will make it a point to remember Bikila running more than 26 miles barefoot and Kipchoge training his heart out to give his family a better life. Maybe I can push myself a little further.

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Week 3 Training Schedule

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Running Shame

packrulesapr09200One of  the biggest obstacles of heading out for a run is self consciousness. It is one thing to look like lance armstrong and head out to the track and another to be heaving and hacking up your lung.

There have been countless of times that I have seen the occasional out of shape runner, pounding the pavement with buckets of sweat on their back. Red faced and sucking air they looking like they are about to keel over.

My reaction has usually been one of pity and concern. Then the thought drifts to me, how do i look when I am running? How is my form? Do I look like I’m gonna die? Are you about to dial 911 when you see me passing you by?

Joining a Gym isn’t any better, you are trapped in there with a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than to compare their fitness to yours. You find yourself surrounded by people who make you feel even more out of shape and self conscious.

a hot mess like me

a hot mess like me

What is worse I am one of those people who head to the gym or even out for a run, wearing the most comfortable clothes possible,  my old highschool P.E. shirt, and my favorite grey and black sweatpants. Looking like a hobo, I have often wonder how much money people spend looking sharp at the gym. Most people out at the park or at the gym, where matching tight fitting track suits with clean lines  looking like  the cast of Watchmen or the latest version of the Bionic man or woman. I know no matter how hard I try I cannot make exercise look sexy on me.

So with all these thoughts in place, what is the point? Public running can be daunting. However despite my neuroses, phobias and hang ups I still press on. I know that I may not be the most in shape person out there but I know that with each passing day, I only get better. In fact I think its much better to see me running out there than meeting me ordering a big mac  or laying in front of the TV like a zombie.

Once you get passed all the BS excuses you will realize that all this stuff is mostly only in your head. I have  found that when you are out there no one really cares what you look like. When working out people often zone out, busy worrying about their own lives, planning their days or escaping from their hard day at work.

Stop worrying about it. Laugh at yourself, raise the volume of your ipod  and Enjoy your Run!

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Fat Kenyan Runner

The words fat Kenyan runner are never associated together. Especially since Kenyans dominate the world athletics realm.Originally from Kenya, I come from a long line of runners, Olympians, marathoners. My distant relatives have won gold, silver and bronze bringing pride to our nation. In fact my tribe has almost become synonymous with running which is hilarious when you thinking of me.

fatrunnerI have always had an affinity to running but laziness and boredom kept me away. It

was only in highschool that I broke out a pair of sneakers and hit the dirt paths of the Rift running up and down hills and past the bushes. During this short lived running craze, I found myself euphoric, experiencing the so called runners high, never imagining that running could really make a person feel this good. But then University happened and my regiment went out the door.

My sneakers soon became neglected and I found myself rolling my eyes at the GI Joe Running looking warriors that speed past me on my way around the corner to the Fried chicken shack. I developed an allergy to exercise and convinced myself that I should instead make a commitment to being fat and happy!

goodbye my friend

It was only recently while chasing a London bus that I came face to face with reality and the fact that I needed to make drastic changes and modify my self-destructive mantra. So I set my alarm, and hit the road and began my journey as a fat Kenyan runner.

I began this blog as a catalogue of my journey to becoming a runner. Some of you may find it as a self deprecating excercise but I hope others may find it hilarous or even inspirational. Heck, if I can become a runner anyone can!

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